Product Development

At Accolade Laboratories, we encourage a close working relationship with our clients in order to correctly interpret their requirements. We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions for challenging projects and specialise in the creation of exciting new products as well as the modification of existing products. Our love of natural and organic formulations makes it easy to advise clients on the 'greenovation' of ranges, including the replacement of ingredients such as cyclomethicone, BHT and paraben preservatives.

Our development team makes a point of keeping abreast with international trends in packaging, technological advances and active ingredients, and our in-house cosmetic chemist is a full member of COSCHEM (Cosmetic Chemists Association of SA).

We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and Technical Agreements with all our clients and respect their intellectual property.

It is well-known that product development can be a lengthy process, but due to our focus on smaller clients with niche markets, we are able to offer a relatively quick turn-around time on new product development.

Our laboratory it set up for product development as well as the manufacture of trial and pilot batches. These initial laboratory scale batches allow our clients to test their products in the market place for evaluation prior to scaling up to bigger batches.

We are also able to assist with arranging testing panels for new products and offer all the standard stability tests such as freeze-thaw testing and preservative challenge testing.